Sunday, October 29, 2006

Progress Report

Well, as you can see, I haven't provided much in the way of content over the last few days. I apologize again. But I want to let you all know what's been keeping my attention focused elsewhere:

I'm in the process of starting a new blog - something quite different from the e:c.

Because I've chosen to use an open source software suite (WordPress), there is an inescapable learning curve to contend with. Whereas Blogger was a relatively quick-to-learn, lifetime-to-master affair, WordPress is taking a little longer to acclimate to.

Moving from basic HTML with a little javascript and XML to full-fledged SQL databases with PHP-hosted domains written in CSS is like upgrading from checkers to chess. Sure, the board looks the same and the pieces are the familiar colors, but making everything work is considerably more complicated.

At least, it's more complicated until you understand the basics. And that's what I'm doing: learning the basics.

It's time-consuming, but I have faith that this is a worthwhile venture.

The new site will be much more focused than e:c. I plan to turn my interests in technology and web culture into a useful resource for anyone who could use a hand navigating the often unforgiving digital landscape.

My hope is that I can bring my perspective on the things I love - like open source software tools, technology news, scientific/ecological advancements, and even gaming culture and tech gadgets - to readers in a way that is practical, useful, and accessible.

I want to help people grow their understanding of the everyday technology around them; to better understand and utilize the tools they have to be productive or creative or to just have fun.

Will anyone want to read it? Can I build a readership of people who trust my "knowledge" and perspective?

Who knows. I hope so.

This blog will continue to be my outlet for the myriad shiny objects that catch my attention every day. I hope that you who have come here to read my thoughts will continue to do so. But please bear with me if the updates are fewer and farther between.

I'll let you know as soon as the new blog is up and running. I want to have it fairly polished before I open the flood...excuse me...trickle-gates.

Thanks for sticking around.


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