Thursday, October 19, 2006

Tools: Pod Player


I want to listen to the music from my iPod on my computer at work, but I don't want to install iTunes and authorize another machine. All I want to do is play music directly from the iPod and bypass iTunes.

Hot-damn solution:

Pod Player from iPodsoft.

With an incredibly small, quick installation, Pod Player is ready to use in seconds. The interface is clean and extremely intuitive. Everything you need is brilliantly packaged into this free piece of software.

For your zero dollars, you'll also get some clever iPod hacks and excellent iPod management tools. Pod Player allows you to extract songs to your hard drive as well - even preserving the ID3 info.

The guys at iPodsoft have done an excellent job with such a practical niche app.

Get Pod Player and love it. Then check out their other, equally intelligent offerings.

And don't forget to donate.


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